Monday, 15 October 2012

Laws of Salah نماز کے احکام

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Today I am starting a new blog . Now my topic is books and tutorials .I a lot thought that what should be is my first post in this new blog .Finally , I decided that I will be writing a post for my Muslim brothers and sisters .As we all muslims know that the Salah ( Namaz ) is a basic pillar of our beloved religion islam .If you have mistakes in your way of namaz then it is totally useless .Today i am presenting a great book for you .With the help of this great book you can easily learn to read correctly Salah ( Namaz ) .You can also fix mistakes .The name of this great and priceless book is Laws of Salah نماز کے احکام .
The writer of this book is Maulana Ilyas Qadri . He is great islamic scholar and researcher . He is my favourite person . His way of teaching is beautiful and very interesting .This great book is available in PDF format .This precious book is available in five languages . Urdu, Sindhi, Hindi, Farsi and most important English .If you want more informations about it then please visit the DAWAT-E-ISLAMI official website .

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