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TutsPlus - Icon Design Course Free Download

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Friends Graphic designing is my favourite department . It is not only a skill , in my opinion , it is a art . Anyhow , today's post is about graphic designing .Today i am presenting TutsPlus - Icon Design course for you .First read description about this great course .
Icons can be the cornerstone of any good design. They’re the symbols that guide users and the design elements the set the tone of a design. Yet, icons need to be simple and versatile for a number of uses. Author of Rockstar Icon Designer and Editor of VectorTuts+ Kate McInnes will walk you through the fundamentals of good icon design and advanced techniques to create cohesive icon sets. Some topics included in the course:

Let's see that what you  can learn with this great course .

Planning the concept for a cohesive icon set
Creating and refining icons in Adobe Illustrator
Working with multiple artboards
Advanced icon drawing techniques
Working with perspectives
Finalizing and polishing finished icons

If you want to more informations about it .Please visit official homepage .

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